Cantest Introduction

Since our beginning in 1994, Cantest Solutions has grown from a one-unit tank tester to a major, multi-service company. The company specializes at providing third party, leak detection testing and evaluation services for storage tanks and delivery equipment. We have earned a solid reputation, within the petroleum industry, for meeting customer needs and delivering high quality services.

Cantest's standing, as an industry leader, is a result of our dedicated and skilled employees, our commitment to customer satisfaction and our corporate values. The company's continued growth is contributed to our valued customer's loyalty and trust, highly trained and diverse group of employees, supplier partnerships and ongoing investment in technology. Market needs are identified through open customer relationships and market research. Our services are designed to meet your needs.

High Corporate Standards
Cantest's ability to establish and adhere to high standards has earned our company a solid reputation for technical expertise and accuracy. We use standard operating procedures, appropriate standards and advanced technologies to generate accurate results. Cantest's equipment, standards and operating procedures meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Technical Expertise

The continuous development in petroleum storage and delivery equipment has resulted in technically advanced components and complex systems. These advancements have also created complex problems that are becoming more difficult to solve. Consequently, more technically advanced tools and resources are now required for equipment evaluation, problem solving and management purposes.

The company has met this challenge through continued research and development along with the acquisition of new technologies. This is evident in our investment in leading technologies and exclusive technology licenses. We are proud of our development achievements. Cantest is the sole provider of the Preventative Maintenance and Inspection program which evolved over several years of development. Our employees pioneered the procedures and service unit for testing oilfield underground tanks. The service unit and operating procedures for the new master meter, electronic meter proving technology was also pioneered by our operations team.
Technician training and support plays a vital role in generating reliable field data and controlling quality. Cantest's quality control is accomplished through ongoing training and support, standard operating procedures, internal audits, communication, coordination systems and our safety management program.